Thursday, May 26, 2011


okay so ive been really busy with finishing school.
in like a week ill be graduating. so im kinda blehh and havent had teh time to really do anything here.
after graduation ill be vlogging and blogging more often :)
sorry for the wait.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

R.I.P. Hip piercings....

So after a 1/2 year of having my hips pierced they finally both migrated out of my skin to the point were i had to take them out.
with them:

so yea ill end up gettign them redone once they have healed and when i get the money. they migrated a lil earlier that i thought but i know why.
i used a curved barbell instead of a surface staple.When i get them redoen i will get a surface staple and make sure its deep.

Pastels passion...

I changed up my hair and instead of solid bright colors i went to pastels.
i have blues,yellows,greens,purples, and pinks.
i like it for now but im in need to despreate change.
i think the dyes i used were:
manic panic and splat


So i have not posted in a lifes been very uneventful... and i havent been working on anything.i kind afeel ashamed of myself fo rnot doing any art blah... ill get over it.ive been loungeing around at home trying to avoid the humidity. for some reason last week in minnesota it was chilly..everyday. i wake up monday and its BAM insta hot. it was 80 degrees outside with a breeze that wasnt cool so instead of it feeling 80, it felt like 200 degrees. plus the humidity was soo bad >:/ it pissed me off.


Monday, May 2, 2011

arts a la carte art show & henna

So friday i set up for the arts a la carte art show, at my high school. dear god my arms and legs hurt afterwards..

angies henna

my henna

you can see me (with black hair) on the far left in a floral dress waiting for angie (long blond wavy hair) getting her henna done

the above two pics are of my 3 pieces that were in the art show.