Friday, April 22, 2011

yukaris hair and style

Yukaris bangs were too her eyebrows but then had then chopped off. which is conveinent because i keep my bangs really short. :D

And so are mine, i think i look alot like yukari minus all the piercings ans other colors in my hair. but most of the colors are clip-ins so i can take them out pretty easily.


brown eyes

black mid length hair

pale skin



brown/hazel eyes

black any length hair



I trimmed by bangs recently >< they grow back pretty fast. this was taken a couple days ago and i cut them last night again.

yukari/parakiss/happy berry style :

yukari or caroline is an inspiring model ( kind of )

i tried to think of what types of cloths parakiss and happy berry would put her in.

defiantly more regal,punk,lolita, and lots of blues and plaids.

i dont own any red plaid >< nor do i own very many lolita. you can see my begining attempts to dress like her in my last blog.

I should try and find some more blue dresses and invest in some blue flowers:

Dresses like this:

Coats and stuff like this:

when i think of daily wear i think edgy and alot of black:

and more fancy regal styles:

More punk looking cloths like this (even though its says from NaNa) and lolita styles
I really wish i owned red plaid.

Probably dresses ar this style as well : (amy lee from evanescence)

I think thats all i have figured out right now. ill keep you posted on changes. next post will probably be of makeup looks :D

xoxoxo alaina

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