Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yukari"caroline" from paradise kiss cosplay

Im starting to get into cosplaying again...after years of not doing it.

first project will be my go to character:
Yukari is easy for me to do because we share the same hair color, eye color, and hair cut basically.

I ended up making two practice outfits to try and channel her.

the first one is more punk, its defiantly something theyd dress her in.

outfit one:

consits of :
gray shirt
red handmade hair bow
black studed belt
ripped tights
boots with buckles
and three chains
-one thick chain
-a star chain
-a heart chain

full view of outfit one:

top view:

the bottom view :

the second outfit is a little more lolita/regal.

the outfit consists of:

black ruffle blouse
white lace dress (used as skirt)
red hair bow
lace high heels
faux fur jacket

full view w/ jacket:

full view w/o jacket:

top view w/ jacket:

top view w/o jacket:

well lemme know what you think and ill keep you posted on updates :D
xoxo alaina

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