Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I wore today, Art & i gotta have these.

Ive done two paintings recently:

El dia de los muertos ( day of the dead inspired) this piece does nto have a name yet and its bugs me haha.

French inspired painting, its called " Mais on fait des petites chansons qui se fanent, et on se fane elles."

translation : we make little songs that fade away, and we fade with them.

What I Wore Today:

White floral button up dress, sweater,leggings,boots.

Dress: thrift store $2

sweater: Guess $60?

leggings: i have no clue

boots: Charlotte russe about $ 20

I Gotta Have These:

Floral tapestry shorts ($14)

Floral mary jane heels($24)

polka dot overalls ($18)

red high waist jean short ($13)

stripped eiffel tower pull over ($16)

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  1. I really like the first painting! Very nice! :) i'm new to blogspot, if you want follow me back. byes :)