Thursday, April 28, 2011

My piercings & commonly asked questions

Its often that I get asked alot of questions about my piercings, I have some unusal ones.

Q: how many piercings do you have, and what are they?

A: I currently have 8 piercings total. I have 4 ears piercings, monroe,smiley,frowny,and my left hip.

Q: When did you first start getting piercings?

A : i started getting piercings when i was a baby ( my ears) and then in my pre teens i had alot of lip piercings (self done). i used to have my entire ears pierced all the way up, when i look at them now i think its gross haha.

Q: Did your piercings hurt?

A: nope, mine didnt hurt. its not soemthing that seems tio hurt me(personally) but everyones different.

Q: are you planning on getting any other piercings, and What?

A: yes, many. and so far i'll be getting my tongue,dimples,nostril,and bridge. ANd myseptum and right hip re-pierced sometime this summer.

My frowny(above)

You can see my smiley and monroe(above) and what id look like with my nostril done.

Both pics of my smiley piercing( above) when i first got it

My hip piercings at i think two weeks.

Drawn on bridge piercing ( i wanted to see if id like it)

Back when i had my septum pierced, i miss it dearly.

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