Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I LOVE Kiki Kannibal

( kiki 2011) shes still gorgeous :D

I stumbled upon a rolling stone article on a girl i used to know, kind of. i never really knew kiki in person just online. i remember when i first saw her on myself; i thought she was gorgeous and very unique.

And again i didnt really know her, i knew her drama.
the never ending cycle of hate mail and fans.
I can relate to kiki in some ways, were basically the same age. shes 18, and im 2 months shy of 18 and we both at some point dabbled into the scene style/trend at an early age.

i never remember her hating on others, despite what ive heard. but i can recall many times were others have made fun of me and ive lashed back. its normal to be offended and to say hurtful things back. we are all human and we make mistakes.
but theres one thing i cant relate to... the internet fame. i know pain, and hatemail. i tried being internet famous before... but never succeeded. i know for a fact that i log into facebook and all i see when i search kiki kannibal is fake after fake after fake... but in the scene world..for some reason having fakes is normal. kiki kannibal and girls like brookelle bones and izzi murder have millions of fakes online. i myself have only had 62 found fakes.
I can relate however on the feeling of not fitting in.

Kiki( kirsten) if you ever read this. I love you and wish you the best my dear.
im sorry that you ha to go through the worst of society.

love always alaina.

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  1. I don't like her much. I've heard she's mean and all. Too conceded. I don't feel that sorry for her because she brought these things on herself through posting suggestive pictures and comments.