Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anatomy of scene hair... blahh

okay, we've all seen it, and some of us have done it.
Ive been doing the scene style before it had its name.
I was 12 when i started dying my hair weird colors like pink.
im 18 now and its been 6 years.
the scene style didnt start happening until early 2007.
heres some common things:

scene is very unoriginal in its own way.

color coded :
turquoise : skunk stripes ( created by kiki kannibal)

pink: coon tails( japanese,80's)

green: leopard/cheetah print(created by dakota rose)

purple and blue: double coon tails

multicolors: rainbow streak ( first seen on toxictoria)

yellow box: peek-a-boo( common)

ill give real examples:

skunk streaks :

(kiki kannibal)
the stripes in her bangs are called skunk streaks.
im sorry this other image is so little, i couldnt find a bigger one.

but yea kiki kannibal did start the skunk streak trend not the coon tail trend.

Coon tails:

(heather beather)
coon tails were not started by k.Kannibal. they were originally seen in japanese fashion and on american 80's runway.

Leapard/cheetah print:

(dakota rose) this was originally started by dakota rose.

rainbow pattern/streaks:

(toxictoria) Rainbow pattern was first seen and made famous by Toxictoria

zig zags:

(hilary haywire) Zig zag pattern was created and made famous by hilary haywire.

geometric shapes:

(heidi mighty bear) Created and made famous by Heidi.

Heart pattern:

(mathew lush) heart pattern was created by toxic star/alaina alarming and made famous by mathew lush.

diamond and bat pattern:

(vanna venom) Created and made famous by vanna "venom" jay.

double coon tails :

(Crystal monster) made famous and sortof created by crystal monster.

star print:

( this is the best i could find for star print on hair...

zebra print:

( Best picture i could find.

other styles :

cruella :

(tori unicorn) obviously it was created by cruella de ville... or whom ever made her. in the scene culture its been made famous by originally tori unicorn.

colorful cruella :

(leda "monsterbunny" muir) this style is common too among scenesters... showing up on girls like:

(myself from 2010)

(Ceaira Kayleann)

i hope this helps
xoxo alaina


  1. Actually scene is a kind of japanese punk fashion that us Americans (Mostly, but there were people from other countries in there too) adopted and made our own c: