Thursday, May 27, 2010

new art!

i didnt make this my friend shari did for me!!!! cuz i love lemurs!!! more naime girls in my notes!

mini drawing in my journal!

hahahhahahahahhah dont was in my journal!

a anime girl i drew on my algebra notes :) a dress i created!

another dress and anime girl i created!

another anime girl in my algebra notes!

a mini drawing in my journal!

hahahahhha charlie the cutesy dinosaur!!!! <3 another mini drawing from my journal!

another niobe drawing ( this took forever..those fucking bubbles!!!) lol this is called "aerious" which means airy!

another niobe drawing but with a poem i wrote

niobe and aquell this is called "lust"

i love star trek and spock is soooooooooooooooooo hot! this is niobe again this is called "indulge"

another niobe this is called "obsequious sorrow"

the first ever drawing of niobe that started everything.

this is niobe and aquel ( aquell is niobe's twin)

i like drawing creepy doll like people this is called " native hue" the girls name( i draw her alot...shes a complete creation of mine) is niobe! this is niobe again this is called "pain killer" i got bored in algebra 2 so i drew this!

this is a mini artwork from my journal lol

another mini artwork from my journal!

i drew a picture of liz love lust! a fellow mn scene queen! and friend of mine lol

this is a new art work of mine <3 href=""> this is apart of my faceless collection!

i got really bored so i drew some cute hairstyles!
here is another faceless drawing!

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